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The perfect work station for cleaning and restringing your guitar

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Easy to carry




Mat dimension

TPE Material

Providing secure grip

Protect your guitar

With a sturdy, elevated neck rest and accessible storage compartment that can hold additional tools, this mat is designed for musicians on-the go. With its light-weight and portable solution, it's the perfect traveling companion!

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  • Storage Compartments

    Dual velcro pockets are conveniently the size of a pack of extra strings, and allow the storage of extra tools like allen keys, string winder, multi-tools, polish clothes etc.

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  • Sturdy Neck Rest

    Suitable for instruments with a neck. Our elevated neck rest will ensure your instrument does not move out of position while working and doing intricate detailing.

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Tech anywhere

Designed to turn any flat surface into a workstation, it features a durable one-piece construction that provides stability on slippery surfaces while still being light enough to carry anywhere.